Dr Martin Bardsley

Martin Bardsley joined the Nuffield Trust in September 2008. He leads a specialist team undertaking a range of quantitative research projects, most of which aim to exploit existing information systems in the NHS.

Martin has over 20 years' experience in health services research and analysis. Before joining the Trust he worked in health care regulation. He was Assistant Director at Commission for Health Improvement before moving to the Healthcare Commission, where he led their work on new ways to use information to target regulatory activity. This included ground-breaking work on the use of multiple indicators and time series analyses for surveillance.

Martin is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and in the 1990s he established a London-wide resource on public health information. This work led to a number of reports on health in London, including the first Public Health Report for Greater London in 1998.

Prior to that Martin had worked on the application of outcome measurement which formed the basis of his PhD. He was also involved in early stages of the application of DRGs in the UK – work that eventually led to HRGs and Payment by Results.

Martin is a member of the board of CLOSER, a project funded by the Medical Research Council on longitudinal surveys; and a member of the Peter Sowerby Commission. Martin’s wife is an employee of Papworth NHS Foundation Trust.