Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell is Conservative MP for Charnwood. He was elected as the Chair of the Health Select Committee from June 2010 – June 2014.

He was adopted as Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Loughborough in March 1976 and elected as the first Conservative Member of Parliament for Loughborough since 1945 in the General Election in May 1979. Between May 1979 and June 1983, he was the youngest Member of the House of Commons.

Stephen was Secretary of State for National Heritage from July 1994 until July 1995, and Secretary of State for Health from July 1995 to March 1997. In the 1997 General Election, he won the new seat of Charnwood with a majority of 5,900, and subsequently served as Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Employment. In June 1998, he left the Shadow Cabinet to return to the backbenches. From 2006 to 2007 he was Co-Chair of the Public Service Improvement Group, established by David Cameron to review policy in education, health, social care and housing.