Dr Arvind Madan

Arvind has been a GP for 18 years and is one of the founders and current CEO of the Hurley Group.

The Hurley Group is an NHS GP practice partnership that has grown from a single surgery in a deprived part of South London over the last 7 years. After initially leading on operations, he has led on strategy for the Hurley, which runs 17 practices caring for over 100,000 registered patients in 10 London Boroughs. It also operates 9 urgent care services seeing 300,000 patients a year. It is now one of England’s larger providers of GP and Urgent Care services.

He has also led on the setting up a variety of new premises and innovative clinical services.

He is currently leading on two healthtech projects for the Group - the first is providing a wide range of online services to patients (WebGP), and the second allows GPs, nurses and managers to remotely crowd source advice from each other and specialists (Clinical Communities).

He is a member of a number of senior advisory groups including those advising on the Prime minister’s Challenge Fund, Care.data and the Kings Fund Advisory Group.

He has supported the creation of a number of community interest companies that run school services, including peer mediation training for school children.